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Combining playful learning, fun, and meeting new people, as well as a chance to advance your pottery skills and express ideas in new ways, pottery workshops become a creative and cooperative learning environment.

Under professional guidance you will learn the basic techniques of pottery in a pressure-free, relaxing atmosphere.

All it takes is for you to enjoy working with your hands, to learn sculpting clay and the basic techniques of pottery, such as the coiling, slabbing, or pinching methods, and glazing pottery. During my classes you will get plenty of practical advice on how to work with clay and produce unique pieces! My workshops take place in the 6th district of Vienna.

If you would like to participate, but the current workshop dates do not suit your needs, please drop me an email under:



Shaping ideas

Soft and malleable first, then hard as rock after firing and yet breakable – working with clay has turned into my favourite artistic method to capture moments and express ideas creatively.

The medium of clay and the process of producing ceramics from it are unique because they combine the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire.


Throwing pots

Pots that are thrown on the wheel by hand unite simplicity and ease of use.

The pieces are air-dried to prepare them for firing and in the kiln they turn into pieces of personal history. Creating permanent shapes from clay soil through firing is an art and one of the oldest crafts in human history.


Colours & glazes

Pieces of pottery are pieces of plastic art that appeal to the senses of touch and vision. But beyond their decorative and practical uses in everyday life, ceramics exude an aura of mystique and primal creativity.

Unglazed, natural pieces of pottery are beautiful. However, often it is the choice of colours and glazes that lends a pot the certain something. Glazes produce a smooth finish on the naturally rough, porous surface of fired clay, imparting density and a radiant shine to pieces.




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About me

I am a seminar and workshop leader in pottery and ceramics who created the brand 'Verenics Ceramics' in autumn 2016.

Teaching the craft of pottery, passing on my skills and knowledge while assisting novice potters in realising their creative ideas is not only a profession but a calling to me.

I finished my education in arts, with a focus on plastic arts and ceramics, at the Viennese art and fashion college 'Herbststraße' in 2012 with honours. Since then I have been teaching classes at schools and leading workshops at the ceramics studio Fa. Skokan.

Experimenting with a variety of different artistic materials and mediums in my youth, I developed a passion for pottery and ceramic techniques. My pieces are created with care and attention to detail in a small pottery studio in Vienna.



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